Purgatorio Canto V

Purgatorio 5

‘please remember me. I am La Pia.
Siena made me, in Maremma I was undone.
He knows how, the one who, to marry me,
first gave the ring that held his stone.’

vv. 133-136

Ante-Purgatory. – Spirits who had delayed repentance, and met with death by violence, but died repentant. – Jacopo del Cassero. – Buonconte da Montefeltro. – Pia de’ Tolomei.

As Dante leaves the crowd of souls, they chatter, amazed at his shadow. Virgil bids Dante not to be distracted by them; instead, he should “follow” and “let the people talk. / Be more like a sturdy tower / that does not tremble in the fiercest wind.” Dante follows, and soon they come on a group chanting “Miserere,” the 51st Psalm. These are the late-repentant, those who repented just before death. They too are amazed at Dante’s shadow. When the group discovers his “body is true flesh,” the crowd rushes at him “like an unruly band.” They all hope Dante will bring news from them to the world of the living. Dante recognizes none of them, but one steps forward to give his story. He is Jacopo del Cassero, a Guelf who was stabbed to death by his enemies and died in a marsh. The next to speak is Buonconte da Montefeltro, a Ghibelline whose body disappeared after the battle of Campaldino. Dante, who was present at the battle, wonders how it happened; Buonconte explains that as God’s angel took his soul to Purgatory, Satan became angered and claimed his body; he “roused the fog and wind,” caused rain, and swept his frozen corpse into the Arno river, “‘undoing at [his] chest the cross / ‘[his] arms had made.” Finally, “La Pia” (Pia de’ Tolomei) comes forward. Her short, opaque narrative ends the canto.

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