Dantesque Itinerary

The plaques of the Dantesque itinerary represent the Cantos of the Divine Comedy and mark buildings and places related to them; the people they are dedicated to; the artworks they host; the connection they have with the characters of the Comedy; and the charming appeal of the cantos they are linked to.

The itinerary will take you to the 27 most significant landmarks among the 100 places of the project “Walk in Ravenna with the Divine Comedy” realised by Lions Club Ravenna Host, Ravenna Bisanzio, Ravenna Dante Alighieri and Ravenna Romagna Padusa. The project is meant to pay a long-lasting homage to the memory of the poet and his most important work – the Comedy described by Boccaccio as Divine. The Dantesque itinerary is an essential element of the project and will guide you to discover the city by looking for the 27 most important landmarks based on the Divine Comedy.

“Dantesque itinerary – Discover the city by looking for important landmark based on the Divine Comedy”