Inferno Canto XXXII

Inferno 32

Then I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck
and said: ‘Either you name yourself
or I’ll leave you without a single hair.’

vv. 97-99

Ninth Circle: Traitors. First ring: Caina. —Counts of Mangona.— Camicion de’ Pazzi.—Second ring: Antenora.— Bocca degli Abati.—Buoso da Duera.—Count Ugolino.

Dante begins with an invocation to the Muses to help him tell his tale. As he was walking in the ninth circle, he heard a voice telling him to be careful where he put his feet so as not to trample on his fellow-men. Looking down, he saw that he was walking on a frozen lake, in which the shades of traitors to their kin were locked fast, and miserable with cold. He saw two frozen together, and asked them who they were; their eyes and lips were frozen shut with tears. Another sinner told him they were: the sons of Alberto near Bisenzio. Other sinners there were he whose chest was shattered by Arthur, and Focaccia, and Sassol Mascheroni. The speaker said he was Camiscion de’ Pazzi, and that he was still waiting for Carlino to absolve him.

Walking on, Dante was horrified to see the thousands of frozen faces. By mistake he kicked one of them, who wept , and asked him if he had come to avenge Montaperti. Dante asked Virgil to let him wait a minute and speak with the shade, and he asked the sinner who he was, offering to give him fame in the outside world. The sinner was not attracted by the offer, and Dante became cruel, threatening to pull out all his hair. He had already pulled out a handful with another shade addressed Dante’s victim as Bocca. Dante prepared to go on his way, promising to tell the world about Bocca’s filthy deeds, and Bocca told him the names of some others as well: him of Duera, one of the Beccheria, Gianni de’Soldanieri and Tebaldello and Ganelon.

Continuing on, Dante saw two shades frozen in a hole. One of them was gnawing the other’s skull. Dante asked the gnawer why he so hated his companion.

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