Inferno Canto VIII

Inferno 8

When he stretched both his hands toward the boat,
the wary master thrust him off, saying:
‘Away there with the other dogs!

vv. 40-42

The Fifth Circle. – Phlegyas and his boat. – Passage of the Styx. – Filippo Argenti. – The City of Dis. – The demons refuse entrance to the poets. Still in the fifth circle, Dante saw two flames at the top of the tower, which were answered by another fire very far away. He asked Virgil what that meant, and was told that he would soon see. A little boat skimmed over to them, and its boatman, Phleygas, thought they were souls trying to escape, but was told by Virgil of their superior mission. Resentfully, he ferried them across the Styx. They passed a sinner weeping in the mud; Dante recognized him and cursed him, supported by Virgil. Dante told Virgil he would like to see the Florentine sinner dragged underwater, and his fine wish was soon satisfied: other spirits attacked him, crying “At Filippo Argenti!”. Dante and Virgil grew nearer to the burning city of Dis, full of mosques, where they were challenged by thousands of fallen angels. The fallen angels were silenced by Virgil’s claim of divine protection, but they retreated back into the city and locked the gates, trying to keep Dante and Virgil out. Virgil was confident that someone would help them in.

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