Paradiso Canto XIX

Paradiso 19

Before my eyes, its open wings outstretched,
appeared the lovely image of those interwoven souls,
reveling in sweet enjoyment.

vv. 1-3

The voice of the Eagle.—It speaks of the mysteries of Divine justice; of the necessity of Faith for salvation; of the sins of certain kings.

The so-called Justice Eagle—the huge bird shape formed from the individual souls of the just united into one voice—now addresses Dante, who immediately gives vent to his own longing for justice on Earth. The Eagle tells Dante not to despair. Although justice may seem to be denied, the Eagle continues, it is in fact only hidden, like the depths of the ocean. Therefore, humankind should not, in its ignorance of God’s plan, complain about the seemingly unjust nature of the world. The Eagle then speaks of the sentences to be meted out on Judgment Day, when unjust rulers will have their wickedness exposed for all time. They are named specifically in a list of evildoers, and their future punishments enumerated.

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