Purgatorio Canto XXI

Purgatorio 21

were not aware of him until he spoke
and said: ‘O my brothers, may God grant you peace.’
We turned at once and Virgil answered him
with the gesture that befits this greeting

vv. 12-14

Fifth Ledge: the Avaricious. – Statius. – Cause of the trembling of the Mountain. – Statius does honor to Virgil.

As Dante wonders about the earthquake, a figure appears next to him as suddenly, as Christ did to Luke after the resurrection. The three talk, explaining again Dante and Virgil’s reasons for being in Purgatory. Virgil notes Dante’s continued curiosity and asks about the earthquake. The shade reveals that he had just finished his 500-year punishment and is now ascending the mountain: when any penitent finishes, the mountain quakes and “Gloria” is sung. When asked, he reveals that he is Statius, a Latin poet, admirer of Virgil, and one of Dante’s influences. He says the Aeneid was his “mamma” and “nurse” and praises Virgil. Dante wryly smiles at the irony of the situation, and with Virgil’s reluctant consent, reveals Virgil’s identity, to Statius’ joy.

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