Purgatorio Canto III

Purgatorio 3

and I was looking up among the rocks,
there to the left I saw a company of souls
moving their steps in our direction,
not seeming to approach, they came so slow.

vv. 57-60

Ante-Purgatory. – Souls of those who have died in contumacy of the Church. – Manfred.

Virgil appears “beside himself with self-reproach.” Dante discovers that Virgil has no shadow, and Virgil responds to Dante’s amazement with a comment on the vanity of attempts to understand his shadowless form; he concludes that mortals should be “content… with the quia” (Latin for because). Soon they come to a hill entirely too steep to ascend. When they ask around, none of the nearby souls know the way. The group acts as shy as a flock of sheep. Only one—who we discover is Manfred, “grandson of the Empress Constance” and seemingly once known to Dante—comes forward. Manfred asks Dante to let his daughter know that just before death, he “turned / in tears to Him who freely pardons.” God granted him forgiveness, and now, by praying for him, his daughter can reduce his time in Purgatory.

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