Purgatorio Canto XXX

Purgatorio 30

‘Dante, because Virgil has departed,
do not weep, do not weep yet–
there is another sword to make you weep.’

vv. 55-57

The Earthly Paradise. – Beatrice appears. – Departure of Virgil. – Reproof of Dante by Beatrice.

The figures who escorted the chariot now turn to it, singing, praising it in Latin, and throwing flowers towards it. And inside “that cloud of blossom,” a veiled lady steps down from the chariot: it is Beatrice. Dante is overwhelmed and turns to Virgil like “a child … running to his mamma,” but Virgil has disappeared, seemingly to begin his journey back to Limbo. Beatrice addresses him directly, telling him not to cry over Virgil’s leaving. Beatrice seems incensed, and she asks Dante how he could “dare approach the mountain?” After a silence, Dante breaks into an outpouring of sighs and tears. Beatrice turns to the angels nearby to castigate Dante, explaining his sin: although she offered him the possibility of a new, virtuous life, he continued on “an untrue way, / pursuing those false images of good.” She continues, explaining that making “him see souls in perdition” was her last resort for his salvation. But now, she says, it is the time for the “payment” of his sins’ fees: “his penitence that shows itself in tears.”

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