Inferno Canto XXVIII

Inferno 28

‘should you ever see that gentle plain again
that slopes from Vercelli down to Marcabò,
for Pier da Medicina spare a thought.

vv. 73-75

Eighth Circle: ninth pit: Sowers of discord and schism.— Mohammed and Ali.—Fra Dolcino.—Pier da Medicina.— Curio.—Mosca.—Bertran de Born.

The bloodshed and gore that Dante saw in the next valley (the ninth) surpassed all the great literary wars, he said. He saw a shade whose entire chest was ripped open; the shade drew the two flaps of flesh apart with his hands and said he was Mohammed. Ali was there, with his face split open, and all the others were also sowers of scandal and schism, who were split themselves for their sins. A devil cut them open, and when they healed, he cut them again. Mohammed then asked who Dante was, and Virgil explained the situation. Mohammed told them to warn Fra Dolcino that he should provide himself with food, since if he died being beseiged, he would end up there also. Another sinner, horribly maimed, told Dante he was Pier da Medicina, and asked him to warn Messer Guido and Angiolello that they would be drowned through treachery. In exchange, Dante asked him to show him who detests Rimini, a certain Curio, and he did: Curio was there with his tongue slit. Another whose hands were cut off said that he was Mosca. Then, to his horror, Dante saw a man walk by holding his severed head in his hand. The head said he was Bertran de Born, who through bad counsel had made a son and father hate one another: he was himself divided as punishment.

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