Inferno Canto XXIX

Inferno 29

And then my eyes could have a better view
into the pit, there where the minister
of God on high, unerring justice, punishes
the counterfeiters whom she here records.

vv. 54-57

Eighth Circle: ninth pit. – Geri del Bello. – Tenth pit: Falsifiers of all sorts.- Griffolino of Mezzo. – Capocchio.

Virgil asked Dante why he was staring so intently at the mutilated shades, and he answered that he thought he saw one of his ancestors. Virgil said that he had seen that shade ­ a certain Geri del Bello ­ threatening Dante while he was speaking to someone else. Dante explained that Geri’s murder had still not been avenged, which was why Geri’s shade was so angry and scornful toward his descendant. Speaking of this, they came to the next and final pouch of Malebolge.

Dante wanted to put his hands over his ears because of the lamentations of the sinners there, who were afflicted with scabs like leprosy, and lay sick on the ground, furiously scratching their skin of with their nails: it was worse than the great hospitals.

Two of the shades leaned against one another and scratched themselves mercilessly like a stableboy currycombing a horse. Virgil asked them if there were any Italians there, to which they replied, weeping, that they were Italians. Virgil explained the situation of the journey, and Dante asked them who they were, so he could tell the world above, and their memory would not fade. One answered that he was from Arezzo and had been burned by Albero of Siena because he had boasted that he could fly ­ and then failed to teach Albero the art. However his damning sin was alchemy. Dante told Virgil that the Sienese were extremely vain, and the other sinner agreed, listing the names Stricca, Niccolo, Caccia d’Asciano, and Abbagliato as examples. This sinner said he was the alchemist Capocchio.

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