Purgatorio Canto XI

Purgatorio 11

‘In painting Cimabue thought he held the field
but now it’s Giotto has the cry,
so that the other’s fame is dimmed.

vv. 94-96

First Ledge: the Proud. – Prayer. – Omberto Aldobrandeschi. – Oderisi Gubbio. -Provinzan Salvani.

The prideful are now penitent, chanting the lord’s prayer under their burdens. When they finish the prayer, Virgil asks them for direction. They offer to guide them, and as they walk to the stairs, a few offer their names and stories. The first is Omberto Aldobrandesco, who was head of a Ghibelline family. The next is Oderisi d’Agobbio, an Italian artist who created illuminated manuscripts. Rather than praise himself, Oderisi criticizes the vanity and instability of fame, showing how quickly artistic renown moves from one popular artist to another. Subtly, he seems to be warning Dante against artistic pride. Next to him is Provenzan Salvani, who Oderisi says has had his time of punishment reduced by acting as a beggar in the marketplace.

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Canto adopted by Lorenzo Frisenda e Caroline Sagarriga Visconti

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