Purgatorio Canto XII

Purgatorio 12

As oxen go beneath their yoke
that overladen soul and I went side by side
as long as my dear escort granted.

vv. 1-3

First Ledge: the Proud. – Examples of the punishment of Pride graven on the pavement. – Meeting with an Angel who removes one of the P’s. – Ascent to the Second Ledge.

Although Oderisi urges Dante, able to move faster than crushed penitents, to continue on quickly, Dante notes that his “thoughts / remained bowed down and shrunken.” Still, Virgil and Dante move forward. Soon Virgil calls Dante’s attention to the floor below, where carvings like gravestones reveal examples of pride. The first shows Satan falling from Heaven. There is Briareus, the giants who attempted to topple Olympus, Nimrod, Arachne, Saul, Holofernes, and others. At last, Dante describes a carving of Troy in which is shown “how reduced and shamed” it became. Dante shifts into the second person, writing, “Wax proud then, go your way with head held high, / … and no, do not bend down your face / and so reflect upon your evil path!”

At this point, an angel approaches, showing the poets the way to the next terrace. The angel taps Dante on the forehead, and they ascend. Dante reflects that a weight has been lifted from him; Virgil notes that Dante’s “legs shall be so mastered by good will” when all of the “P”s on his forehead are erased. Amazed, Dante feels his head: only six “P”s remain.

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Canto adopted by Cav. Rosario Frisenda Borghesi Laura

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