Purgatorio Canto XV

Purgatorio 15

Then I saw people, aflame with burning wrath,
stoning a youth to death,
and each was screaming to himself, “Kill, kill.

vv. 106-108

Second Ledge: the Envious. – An Angel removes the second P from Dante’s forehead. – Discourse concerning the Sharing of Good. – Ascent to the Third Ledge: the Wrathful. – Examples of Forbearance seen in Vision.

Walking further, Dante is overcome with a “great splendor.” Virgil explains that he should not be surprised if angels still blind him, although soon he’ll be able to bear their sight. With the angel’s help, they climb to the next terrace. At Dante’s request, Virgil explains that, unlike earthly possessions, divine love can be shared communally without reducing the amount for each individual. Dante prods further, and Virgil likens the love to light passed between mirrors: divine “Goodness” is only augmented the more people take part in it. Still, he says, Beatrice can explain further. Suddenly, Dante is caught in an ecstatic vision. First he sees Mary gently talking to the young Jesus; next, Pisistratus, an Athenian, forgiving his daughter’s rapist; third, St. Stephen, being stoned to death while not becoming angered at those murdering him. Wakened from his strange vision, Dante responds to Virgil’s comment that he’s been walking “like a man overcome by wine…” Although Dante offers to explain the vision, Virgil has caught on that these things “were shown so [he] would not refuse / to open [his] heart to the waters of peace.” Smoke approaches as the canto ends.

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