Purgatorio Canto XVI

Purgatorio 16

‘The one has snuffed the other out, the sword
is fastened to the crook, and these two,
forced to be together, must perforce go ill,

vv. 109-111

Third Ledge: the Wrathful. – Marco Lombardo. – His discourse on Free Will, and the Corruption of the World.

The smoke is so dense that it forces Dante’s eyes closed. He walks “as the blind man walks,” guided by Virgil. Soon he hears voices singing the “Agnus Dei,” and one asks who he is. The two begin to converse. Dante asks who the man is, and learns he was “a Lombard, known as Marco.” Dante asks why the world is so “overgrown by evil,” and Marco explains that it has not happened by Divine will; only the free will of humans can be blamed. He continues, noting that “failed guidance” (by which he means failed governance, largely) is the source of the ills of Dante’s time. He criticizes the state of the Holy Roman Empire and the Church, and soon, Marco must turn away, unable to leave the smoke.

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Tomba Rinaldo Concorreggio

The garden is named after and dedicated to Rinaldo di Concoreggio, who was the Archbishop of Ravenna and an important figure at a time when the Popes held both the crosier and the sword – indeed Dante believed the contrasts with the emperor had caused the political problems of the country and the moral chaos his poem denounces. Instead, Rinaldo stood out for being wise, forward-looking and attentive to the needs of his diocese: in 1311 the Archbishop acquitted the Templars of the province of Romagna by rejecting the confessions obtained through torture and condemning this investigation procedure.  This action attracted the hostility of the Avignonese Pope Clement V, whom Dante condemns to Hell.  There is no known relationship between Dante and the Archbishop, who lived permanently in Argenta, where he died, a month before Dante.

Traduzione a cura della classe 5aC A.S.20/21 del Liceo Scientifico A. Oriani di Ravenna

Tomba Rinaldo Concorezzo

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