Purgatorio Canto XXIV

Purgatorio 24

And I to him: ‘I am one who, when Love
inspires me, take note and, as he dictates
deep within me, so I set it forth.’

vv. 52-54

Sixth Ledge: the Gluttonous. – Forese Donati. – Bonagiunta of Lucca. – Pope Martin IV. – Ubaldin dalla Pila. – Bonifazio. – Messer Marchese. – Prophecy of Bonagiunta concerning Gentucca, and of Forese concerning Corso de’ Donati. – Second Mystic Tree. – The Angel of the Pass.

Dante and Forese chat happily and move swiftly, “like ships that are driven by favoring winds.” Forese, revealing that their disfigurement allows them to use names on this terrace, gestures towards Bonagiunta, Pope Martin IV, Ubaldino, and other Italian figures. Dante approaches Bonagiunta, a vernacular Italian poet, and begins discussing poetry. Bonagiunta begins to understand that Dante is one who uses “the sweet new style” he hears, a style in which the pens of the writers “follow / faithfully whatever Love may dictate.” This disposition, he suggests, is what differentiates his earlier camp of poets from Dante’s camp. With this, he goes silent. Forese asks Dante when he will see him again, and with what might be some humor, Dante explains that he is not sure when he will die, although Italy “seems disposed to certain ruin.” They commiserate over the state of Italy, and Forese goes off. A second tree appears. The souls grasp for the fruit on the branches but cannot reach it; the tree itself seems to reveal that it is sprung from the tree from which Eve took the forbidden fruit. The voice lists examples of gluttony, and Dante, Virgil, and Statius move onwards, soon reaching the next angel. The three begin their climb. Another important aspect of this canto is Dante’s emphasis on his “sweet new style.” Instead of suggesting that this style is prompted by specifically aesthetic concerns, it is motivated by love. As has been shown earlier in the poem, Love, both of God and of Beatrice, motivates much of the Commedia.

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