Purgatorio Canto XXV

Purgatorio 25

‘Summae Deus clementiae’ I then heard sung
in the heart of that great burning,
which made me no less eager to turn back
and I saw spirits walking in the flames,

vv. 121-124

Ascent to the Seventh Ledge. – Discourse of Statius on generation, the infusion of the Soul into the body, and the corporeal semblance of Souls after death. – The Seventh Ledge: the Lustful. – The mode of their Purification.

In Canto XXV, Dante continues to reveal the multifaceted purposes medieval poetry served. Statius and Dante’s dialogue attends to both the contemporary science and theological debates of his day: through the poem, he combines and works out the problems of both, maintaining the fiction of the poetry while also commenting on contemporary debates.

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Canto adopted by BPER Banca – Direzione Regionale.

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