Purgatorio Canto XXVI

Purgatorio 26

‘O brother,’ he said, ‘that one whom I point out
to you’–and he pointed to a spirit just ahead–
‘was a better craftsman of the mother tongue.

vv. 115-117

Seventh Ledge: the Lustful. – Sinners in the fire, going in opposite directions. – Guido Guinicelli. – Arnaut Daniel.

As they walk, Virgil warns Dante to be careful. One soul asks Dante about his living body, but before he can respond, he watches two groups of penitents kiss quickly as they meet, moving opposite directions, and continue on. Those moving away from Dante cry out “Sodom and Gomorrah!”; those moving with Dante bring to mind Pasiphae, a figure of classical mythology who committed bestiality with a bull, producing the minotaur. Dante once again hides his identity, although he explains that he has been sent by Beatrice. Dante asks who the two groups are, and the shade closest to him explains that those who are moving away are homosexuals, while those moving with him are heterosexual. The speaker introduces himself as Guido Guinizzelli, an Italian poet. Guido points to another poet, who he says “was a better craftsman of the mother tongue.” Dante approaches him and learns that he is Arnaut; Arnaut asks that Dante remember his pain “when the time is fit.”

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