Purgatorio Canto XXVII

Purgatorio 27

in a dream it seemed to me I saw a lady,
young and lovely, passing through a meadow
as she gathered flowers, singing:

vv. 97-99

Seventh Ledge: the Lustful. – Passage through the Flames. – Stairway in the rock. – Night upon the stairs. – Dream of Dante. – Morning. – Ascent to the Earthly Paradise. – Last words of Virgil.

It is approximately 6 PM on the mountain of Purgatory. The angel of charity sings one of the Beatitudes and tells them they must enter through the fire to move forward. Dante, with his “mind fixed on the image / of human bodies” he “once saw being burned,” fears to move through it. Virgil begs that he “keep it in mind,” “it” being his safe passage through Hell. Against his own will, Dante cannot move. Yet when Virgil reminds him of Beatrice, Dante’s vigor renews, and he moves into the fire. As it burns, Virgil keeps “speaking of Beatrice” to help Dante maintain his will. All three poets are guided by a voice singing ahead and soon come out of the flame.

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